Michael Page Suisse

Audit / Transaction / Consulting


Internal auditor

New 01 December Genève, Geneva Perm

The position conduct performance, operational, financial and compliance audit identifying risks and proposing recommendations.
Audit assignment objectives: review and provide advices on the adequacy and effectiveness of the control environment over the Group Agencies business process in accordance with the requirements of Group Business owners and objectives.

Pre-Audit (Planning and Preparation):
*Check all the documents received from the Agency and the documents related to the past audits (past audit reports).
*Collect and consolidate information/documentation from various HQ Departments.
*Analyse the information and define the action plan for each agency, i.e. prioritizing high risks areas review.

*Travel to different Agencies to meet relevant staff and obtain documents and information, support the Senior Auditors/the Chief Internal Auditor in researching and assessing how well risk management processes are working and recording the results using the corporate templates.
*Support the Senior Auditors in performing the risk assessments on key business activities.

*Support the preparation of the reports (write recommendations) to highlight observations/issues as well as audit recommendations
*Fill-out the templates (both Word and Excel) to send to the Agencies, distribute the reports for the Agencies and follow up the results in assessing how well the business is complying with rules and regulations; informing management about issues that need to be addressed.
*Contribute to the preparation and reporting of deliverables to Agencies Board of Directors, Group Management and all concerned HQ Departments.

A global role

Within an international Company

Type of required knowledge (depth, breadth):
*Master degree with emphasis in Auditing, Corporate Finance or Business Management
*Good knowledge of the Shipping industry and/or a minimum of 2 years in a similar role in global environment (Internal auditor in B to B)

Type and length of experience required for the position:
*> 3 Years as Internal Auditor or External Auditor
*Experience gained in External Audit is a plus

Type of skills and competencies required:
*Excellent written and spoken English - any other language is a plus
*Excellent Excel skills and ability to manipulate large amounts of data and to compile detailed reports
*High attention to detail and excellent analytical skills
*Proven knowledge of auditing standards and procedures
*Proven ability to act with professionalism, integrity and confidentiality
*Excellent team player and ability to work independently as well as under pressure
*Excellent communication skills
*Advanced computer skills on MS Office, ERP (such as SAP) and databases
*Ability and willingness to travel internationally at an extensive level (~50%)
*Curiosity : Demonstrate a desire to continuously learn, to explore, to discover and create when seeking and pursuing development opportunities

Major Challenges for this Position:
Whenever observations are found for a Business process, the issues related must have their impact always quantified and supporting documents must always be collected and used as evidence to convince our Management as well as agencies management to implement our recommendations.

Profil minimum requis:
*> 3 Years as Internal Auditor or External Auditor
*Advanced computer skills on MS Office, ERP (such as SAP) and databases
*Excellent written and spoken English - any other language is a plus