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19 January Ireland, Dublin City Center Perm


Fulfilling the functions of Compliance Officer:
1. To obtain the approval of the Chief Executive and Board for a policy statement on compliance
2. To report periodically to the Chief Executive and to the Board and its sub-committees
3. To lead and coach direct reports in relation to the day-to-day workload of the Compliance Function.
4. To provide guidance in relation to the product oversight and governance programmes
5. To review products, procedures and systems on a planned basis
6. To monitor proper implementation of compliance policies and procedures, including fraud prevention across CACI SA.
7. To work with business units and Group Legal Department in assessing and advising on impacts arising from regulatory-watch across the markets
8. To review staff training processes
9. To participate to projects relating to GDPR and provide guidance on compliance aspects and reporting concerning data protection.

10. To ensure appropriate systems and procedures are in place with regard to fitness and probity requirements

Performing various Group Compliance tasks:
1. To follow the evolution of local and Credit Agricole Group compliance requirements.
2. To prepare and maintain compliance risks mapping and compliance procedures and manual.
3. To train management and staff on compliance issues.
4. To provide support and guidance in relation to complaints and ensure complaints reporting to regulators is validated internally and submitted as required.
5. To monitor, follow-up and report on internal audit recommendations.
6. To maintain and disseminate information on the Credit Agricole Group compliance programme (FIDES).
7. To participate in relevant Committees

Performing Financial Security duties: Anti Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and International Sanctions:
1. To ensure compliance with Anti-Money Laundering legislation by CACI staff and carry out staff training.
2. To supervise the implementation of the OFAC International Sanctions Programme of the Credit Agricole Group and to provide associated annual certifications required.

3. To fulfil the Financial Security Function as defined by Credit Agricole Group FIDES programme.
4. To ensure appropriate procedures and policies are documented and in place with regard to AML requirements.
5. To carry out assessments in relation to AML compliance and to report to the Board and sub-committees

1. Minimum of 6 years' experience in a compliance role in the Insurance industry, preferably on a cross-border basis.
Legal or compliance background and/or experience is highly desirable.

ACOI (Association of Compliance Officers Ireland) qualified

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