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Adeline Vaugier, CERFRANCE, Trainee assistant accountant

“ The atmosphere within the Agency is pleasant and always available collaborators ”

Avis déposé le 23/05/2016

Note globale : ★★★★★

Salaire / Avantages ★★★★

Evolution de carrières ★★★★★

Management ★★★★★

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Equilibre vie pro / privée ★★★★★

Review: My internships within the REB FRANCE DOUBS period were very informative as they allowed me to discover the trades of the accounting and to obtain advice advised on the part of highly skilled employees.

Skills developed: I learned to master the ISACOMPTA software by making the seizure of many files of members, which allowed me also to understand any errors and correct them.
This experience also allowed me to master the reconciliation of accounts.
Over the discussions and the comments I was able to acquire large knowledge both on accounts on the social and fiscal rules that govern the world of agriculture.

More: Of the probationary period, I see only positive points. The atmosphere within the Agency is pleasant and the staff always available to give advice and explanations.

Less: None

Advice to the company: The only advice that I can give a company is nothing change in the level of the home and the quality of its services.